First 3 days into MMA training

It is said that “for a healthy and content life, you need a healthy mind, body and spirit”.
If your body becomes sick, you can recover by pumping in some medicines and resting for a few days.
When your mind becomes sick, you can take a break or a holiday and try to refresh yourself.
But what happens when your spirit becomes sick?

For me spirit is something that drives me throughout the day. It is something that gives me a feeling of excitement when I start my day, and to keep it healthy I need to feed it with something. 
That something could be an activity I like to do, a cup of coffee at my favorite cafe or as simple as reading a book I have been longing to read.
Unfortunately, my spirit was kind of going downhill, until I recently enrolled for a course in Mixed Martial Arts. Lucky for me, I found it very close to where I stay and an awesome instructor who is so meticulous in his ways of teaching.
So far I have just attended 3 sessions and I already feel Alive.
If I were asked to summarize my experience so far, I think the training has been rigorous yet satisfying.
To give a glimpse, the routine started with a few exercises to tune my breathing, which was highly essential in keeping my body stable and relaxed, and align my body for more natural movements with ease.
And what I loved about the exercises was that they were NOT your regular push-ups, pull-ups or crunches that we do in a gym.

The exercises were more like natural movements that we do on a daily basis, but not with so much focus and consciousness than what happens in the session.
The simplicity of exercises amazed me more because of the vital effect they had on my mind and body.
I became more aware of myself and realized how tensed I was almost all the time.

Once the exercises were done, which lasted almost an hour, we moved on to learning punches and kicks.
Again, I learnt how important breathing is while delivering punches. It is so easy to get carried away when you have got a punching pad in front of you. But the instructor kept monitoring my movements and kept correcting my technique whenever I went wrong.
I guess I am a slow learner, but I really appreciate the guy’s patience.
But anyhow, I really liked the way he explained the moves and their mechanics, and the level of detailed attention he gave to each person.

I feel really glad about joining the class.
My training session is something I look forward to everyday now. It keeps me excited, motivated and more agile throughout the day. But when I have to miss out due to work commitments, I can’t describe the turmoil that I feel inside.
I hope to be more regular from now on and keep feeding my spirit with the positive energy that I receive in the session.

Kudos Anomit Ghosh! You are a great instructor! Looking forward to learning a lot from you.

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