If your questions are not answered here, call 8698490963.

Do I have to be in good shape to start training?

Your current fitness standard is irrelevant to the training process. We have a detailed syllabus and thorough gradation process that takes you through the most basic of fitness and martial arts techniques to elite level skills. Only your willingness to get fitter and better counts. Sign up for the courses here.

Is this something like “Cardio kickboxing”?

Far from it. When you train martial arts with us you learn the best workouts to increase lean muscle mass, cut down fat, energize your metabolism and you get to have incredible fun in the sessions. Additionally you get to learn combative skills and safely test them with your training partners while sparring (optional). There are no short cuts and at the end of  the first basic Yellow Belt course, you’ll stand transformed. It’s a guarantee. Sign up for the courses here.

Hassle free sign up online
Hassle free sign up online

Am I too old to train in MMA?

Our approach to MMA involves all aspects of a person’s health and not just brutal workouts. Unless you have a debilitating injury or heart condition, it is safe to train in our classes.

Will I get injured in training? I don’t like to get hurt.

No. The first guideline of anyone who walks into the training is to leave the ego at the door. The ethics of martial arts is clear about training partners playing the role of each others’ teachers and showing due respect accordingly. Any lapse in following this will attract immediate expulsion.

Do you conduct private coaching?

Private group coaching is conducted for a group of at least 2 members. Call 8698490963 to discuss your needs.

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