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Wrestling: the best way to be lean, mean and fighting fit

In wrestling, you work with your partner at close range standing up or on the ground. You try to throw or take her down to the ground, maneuver around her, get her back, try to restrict the movement of joints and get a joint lock or choke. It’s a fascinating play which allows you to understand the human body better. You learn new ways to move around another body that’s significantly different from you in all ways: muscle mass, bone density, tension, endurance etc. Your brain becomes super charged.

it's for women too
it’s for women too

Grappling/wrestling with a partner for 10 minutes gives you as much benefit physically that you’d get from 90 minutes of calisthenics. This is by no means a statistically accurate figure but you’re welcome to try it out in class. You develop high functional strength as you will be applying isometric, isotonic or plyometric strength depending on the situation. No muscle feels left out, you’re guaranteed to feel each of them next morning 😉

The biggest change comes in the development of

  • lats (latissimus dorsi)
  • core –  six pack, transverse muscles, psoas
  • thighs – specially adductor muscles and quads
  • arms and forearms

Your posture will dramatically improve. You’ll be standing, walking and running in a more stable way. Any task you do will be more integrated in your body. The benefits are endless. Call 8308252872 to train in diverse wrestling styles including the almost lost ones from India.