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Internal feeling and awareness

This is the essence of practicing martial arts. After passing through the obvious phases of physical strengthening and release of tension the practitioner starts to develop subtler feelings about her internal state. In fact those who have ever been keen on this path indeed have the latent intention of getting more in touch with the self and become secure and stable.

In the Chinese tradition of martial arts and qi gong, developing this skill is known as Nei Shi GongFu. This is a skill that develops when the practitioner submits to the process of fine tuning her body, breath and mind. Fluctuations in the internal state due to release of different chemicals, hormones etc can be observed and dealt with. Thoughts and actions that arise from the intent of restoring the balance of the internal state further energize a person. Such a person rarely falls ill from diseases, stress, food or drinks.

The internal nature of this skill demands you train hard in class and reap the benefits of increased awareness. Show up for training at least 3 times in a week. Breath work, healing and relaxation is an integral part of our training. Sign up online for our yellow/orange/green belt courses at http://forgemma.explara.com .SMS ‘MMA’ to 8308252872.

What is MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

Modern idea

The modern idea of mixed martial arts comes from the popularity of fighting competitions like UFC and movies like Never Back Down! Competitions like UFC pit martial artists from diverse fighting styles against each other in an enclosure. At this level, the fighters prepare a comprehensive strategy for training. There are no variables left to chance while training. Broadly the elements of MMA can be broken down into two specific aspects stand up and ground game. Both striking and grappling are allowed whether the fighters are standing or on the ground. A few safety rules specific to competitions prohibit striking of sensitive points and manipulation of joints like the fingers. Such an approach makes it essential for a fighter to be well-rounded, responsive and in top physical condition. Truly MMA fighters are some of the best conditioned athletes on this planet.

Looking back

Even before televised entertaining championships like the UFC and Bellator emerged, Vale Tudo, a freestyle anything goes way of fighting used to be organized throughout Brazil. This was the initial concept around which UFC was organized with minimal safety rules. Rorion Gracie dominated the initial bouts with a style of grappling unknown to most martial artists at that point. This was the first time the world saw how being specialized in one single mode of fighting like karate had drawbacks when faced with someone with a multitude of skills. 1024px-Mixed_martial_arts_at_Fort_Benning

This shouldn’t be a difficult concept to understand if we look back at the origin of battlefield martial arts. The army with a multitude of skilled warriors like cavalry, infantrymen, archers had better options in strategy, attack, defense and maneuverability.  On an individual level, a warrior was expected to be equipped with skills to fight empty handed, with weapons, against multiple opponents and adapt to any situation that might arise. No wonder the Greek soldiers gave rise to one of the earliest forms of mixed martial arts, Pankration. Staying sharp was an utmost priority for them and what better way than to test it out against the best in an army.

The essence of mixed martial arts

Regardless of the history, mixed martial arts embodies the philosophy of life – to be skilled, responsive and prepared for anything that comes. At Forge MMA, expect to be trained in the following broad aspects

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Natural movement by working with partners and animal movement drills
  • Strikes with every possible body part, learn to make your entire body an weapon
  • Wrestling and grappling including Indian wrestling techniques
  • Relaxation, recovery and neural reset techniques with breathing

Call me on 8308252872 to start training in Pune. More detailed posts on the above aspects coming up in the next few days. Stay tuned!