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Internal feeling and awareness

This is the essence of practicing martial arts. After passing through the obvious phases of physical strengthening and release of tension the practitioner starts to develop subtler feelings about her internal state. In fact those who have ever been keen on this path indeed have the latent intention of getting more in touch with the self and become secure and stable.

In the Chinese tradition of martial arts and qi gong, developing this skill is known as Nei Shi GongFu. This is a skill that develops when the practitioner submits to the process of fine tuning her body, breath and mind. Fluctuations in the internal state due to release of different chemicals, hormones etc can be observed and dealt with. Thoughts and actions that arise from the intent of restoring the balance of the internal state further energize a person. Such a person rarely falls ill from diseases, stress, food or drinks.

The internal nature of this skill demands you train hard in class and reap the benefits of increased awareness. Show up for training at least 3 times in a week. Breath work, healing and relaxation is an integral part of our training. Sign up online for our yellow/orange/green belt courses at http://forgemma.explara.com .SMS ‘MMA’ to 8308252872.