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ANNOUNCEMENT: Yellow Belt Training is on!

To Register, Call 8308252872

What is it?

The yellow belt training is a 12 week certificate course in mixed martial arts, functional fitness and exercise knowledge.

What are the benefits of training?

  • Builds lean muscles, burns out the stubborn fat
  • Improved digestion and increased metabolism
  • Get in touch with your natural instincts
  • A state of physical and mental peace
  • Regulates hormones
  • Closer bonding and more fun as you workout in a group

…and many more than you will ever get from training alone in isolation!

How is the course structured?

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Each of the 12 weeks in the course has a special focus topic that is repeated in all classes through the week. So make use of the opportunity and drill in the knowledge through practice.

You can join us on any week as this course continues in a cycle. For eg. if you sign up while week #4 is ongoing, you'll go through training week #4 - week #12 and then week#1 - week #3 as the cycle restarts.

Every class includes

  • functional fitness workouts from martial arts, yoga, calisthenics, parkour i.e.the best of disciplines
  • shadow boxing and partner drills
  • breathing and relaxation training
  • healing and massage techniques

Weekly breakdown

  • Week 1: Kickboxing stance and footwork. Hand strikes: Punches
  • Week 2: Footwork, short range hand strikes, leg strikes: kicks
  • Week 3: Short range leg strikes, strike combos
  • Week 4: Strike combos contd…
  • Week 5: Wrestling stand up basics
  • Week 6: Wrestler’s yoga, throws
  • Week 7: Throws, takedowns, hand strike and leg strike combinations
  • Week 8: Ground wrestling basics
  • Week 9: Ground wrestling escape/evasion with strikes
  • Week 10: Wrestling joint locks and submissions
  • Week 11: Wrestling joint locks and submissions contd…
  • Week 12: Qi Gong for health and healing

Ditch the “cardio” shindig

If you regularly attend a gym, you’re very familiar with this buzzword. You’re getting your lifts up in there and a well meaning mate advises you not to skip the cardio.

From my experience going to gyms and interacting with those who hang around there, cardio is a much abused term that can mean anything — running, spinning, cycling and what not. But most of the time it means a workout that’ll leave you gasping for breath, make your face go through a range of colors blue, yellow, red and you’re a mess by the time you’re done with it. You go home happy thinking ooh I burned some fat today. That last tire of fat around the waist always remains. So what’s going on?

You are working your heart anyway when you do any physical activity. How you approach it determines whether it recovers and becomes stronger. This is why we keep emphasizing on correct, relaxed breathing because it is the only thing that can

  • alleviate the stress on the heart
  • stop it from hitting the HRmax (maximum heart rate)
  • inhibit stress responses that dump harmful chemicals in the body
  • inhibit the hijacking of breath by the ANS (autonomic nervous system)

Don’t let your heart rate exceed 80% HRmax

This is something that is practiced intuitively. You don’t always need a heart rate monitor strapped to know when you cross the threshold and your physical skills start deteriorating. My teacher says you should be able to talk, sing and perceive everything else around you normally even as you are doing the toughest of exercises. Don’t zone out into a wonderland of rage next time you’re doing those deadlifts. There is a nice article by Scott Sonnon that talks about the performance zone of heart rate and this is where you should aim to recover to in case there is a spike.

optimum performance and training zone

Practice heart rate recovery as a skill

Learn to respond in real time to a heart that’s going out of control by using recovery breathing and tension release mechanisms. The more you train this skill, the less disoriented you will be and also have more control over your movements. I have covered some of these techniques over here. Time your workout sets and recovery periods in between. Progress incrementally.

Every training session at our MMA classes includes this as a fundamental skill that teaches you to battle stress and heart problems in real life, outside a gym. If you are in Pune call me on 8308252872 and start learning these valuable life skills right away. You can also sign up online for the classes and drop in at the center.

Hassle free sign up online
Hassle free sign up online

Mixed Martial Arts for women — Busting myths and misconceptions

Women are supposed to look pretty, not get their faces punched in OR Women don’t belong in a gym OR Get back in the kitchen

Utter objectification. If we are talking about equality in the 21st century, what better way than women taking up their own responsibility of fitness and safety? Why be a commodity that needs a man around to protect her? Besides exercising the right way can only make you look younger and prettier.

I know people are squeamish about girls getting hit in the face. It’s understandable but it’s not very rational ~ Ronda Rousey in an interview

Women can never be as strong as men

Go to these facebook pages, hope they are enough to drown the cacophony of this nonsensical social narrative. Spot Me, Girl , Ripped Goddess,

Women should only dance

Martial Arts is a dance. The flow state you get in when training or sparring with a partner is primal, raw and actually brings out the warrior spirit in women.

Women look manly with all the muscles after training

There is only so much level of the muscle building hormone, testosterone in women. Unless externally dosed with, a woman won’t grow bulky like a man. She can be as strong nonetheless. In fact with advancing age, women should take up such training at a gentle pace to stimulate the generation of testosterone and avoid muscle waste and atrophy.

My personal favorite, MMA champ Ronda Rousey
My personal favorite, MMA champ Ronda Rousey

Internal feeling and awareness

This is the essence of practicing martial arts. After passing through the obvious phases of physical strengthening and release of tension the practitioner starts to develop subtler feelings about her internal state. In fact those who have ever been keen on this path indeed have the latent intention of getting more in touch with the self and become secure and stable.

In the Chinese tradition of martial arts and qi gong, developing this skill is known as Nei Shi GongFu. This is a skill that develops when the practitioner submits to the process of fine tuning her body, breath and mind. Fluctuations in the internal state due to release of different chemicals, hormones etc can be observed and dealt with. Thoughts and actions that arise from the intent of restoring the balance of the internal state further energize a person. Such a person rarely falls ill from diseases, stress, food or drinks.

The internal nature of this skill demands you train hard in class and reap the benefits of increased awareness. Show up for training at least 3 times in a week. Breath work, healing and relaxation is an integral part of our training. Sign up online for our yellow/orange/green belt courses at http://forgemma.explara.com .SMS ‘MMA’ to 8308252872.

The functional way of training push ups

In Forge MMA classes, the way we train in push ups is very different than what you might have learned in a neighborhood gym. Push ups are not done to bulk up and get bigger muscles by trying to isolate them. It’s a waste of time and effort. There is a single pointed focus when you are performing any workout in a MMA class – to get the body to a relaxed, responsive state and at the same time building resilient strength. On the surface it might seem as a paradox. But this is where training in martial arts will keep bringing you back. Every movement no matter what the workout is should be integrated in the whole body. As a result you get a full body workout even as you do push ups. Conventional workout knowledge is still stuck in viewing the push up as something that works on the chest, shoulders and arms. Couldn’t be further from the truth.

Take the example of the video clip above. When I’m pushing off the floor I don’t clench up my core and glutes and try to be a stiff board. I let my body go through a series of muscular contractions that

  • starts from the navel
  • then branches out through the large muscles of shoulders, forearms, thighs, calves and shin
  • the tension from the contractions is finally pushed into the floor as the body lowers down

Give this a try. It’s the perfect booster dose to a regular push up workout. Else you can always train with us give me call on 8308252872.

More tips on dusting off archaic workout regimes coming soon. Stay tuned.

Wrestling: the best way to be lean, mean and fighting fit

In wrestling, you work with your partner at close range standing up or on the ground. You try to throw or take her down to the ground, maneuver around her, get her back, try to restrict the movement of joints and get a joint lock or choke. It’s a fascinating play which allows you to understand the human body better. You learn new ways to move around another body that’s significantly different from you in all ways: muscle mass, bone density, tension, endurance etc. Your brain becomes super charged.

it's for women too
it’s for women too

Grappling/wrestling with a partner for 10 minutes gives you as much benefit physically that you’d get from 90 minutes of calisthenics. This is by no means a statistically accurate figure but you’re welcome to try it out in class. You develop high functional strength as you will be applying isometric, isotonic or plyometric strength depending on the situation. No muscle feels left out, you’re guaranteed to feel each of them next morning 😉

The biggest change comes in the development of

  • lats (latissimus dorsi)
  • core –  six pack, transverse muscles, psoas
  • thighs – specially adductor muscles and quads
  • arms and forearms

Your posture will dramatically improve. You’ll be standing, walking and running in a more stable way. Any task you do will be more integrated in your body. The benefits are endless. Call 8308252872 to train in diverse wrestling styles including the almost lost ones from India.