Eliminate emotional instability, bullying and lifestyle diseases

There is no disembodied mind. We all know the perils of a sedentary lifestyle. The mind grasps on to different forms of fear and insecurities in absence of physical vocabulary to express and discard emotions. Lack of physical capabilities forces the mind to choose an identity of a victim and causes a person to withdraw into a shell. In most cases sociopaths pick on this kind of behavior and continuously torment such an individual, verbally and physically. The victim identity feeds itself through the growing years and very much into the prime of a person causing problems at workplace and in relationships. This builds up over decades and invariably manifests as physical ailments like

  • stiff and aching muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments
  • failing health of internal organs like liver
  • insulin resistance
  • stress, migraine and many more…

This center will offer the best possible training opportunities to forge the body in the discipline of martial arts and scientific methods of exercise.

Revival of the warrior mindset and ancient Indian martial arts

India has always been a land of warriors. The rich depth of philosophical, scientific, medical, psychological texts and treatises have all descended from warriors with unparalleled clarity of mind and shining intellect. Some of these art forms that I have personally had the good fortune of training in are

  • Kalim
  • Indian wrestling – Bhimi, Jarasandhi
  • Basic attack and defense forms of Varma Kalai
  • Vajramushti
  • Malla Yoga (Wrestler’s discipline of physical exercises which were later adapted as asanas)



India is on the edge of a metamorphosis – culturally, socially, physically. In this knowledge age, it’ll be a disappointment if we let these arts disappear into oblivion.

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